Spring-loaded ankle brace

A series elastic actuator is mounted on a standard polypropylene ankle foot orthosis (AFO). Its motor is controlled by a computer and takes decisions based on an adaptive control algorithm.

Ankle foot orthosis (AFO

The AFO is made to provide torque to the ankle joint during the push-off phase of gait. The motor actuates the spring that adjusts the ankle stiffness to prevent toe dragging.

The Dorsi-Strap's patented design

The Dorsi-Strap’s patented design provides dynamic support for your foot and ankle. It prevents plantar flexion by promoting muscle development.

Slip-on shoes and sandals.

It is designed to fit in most slip-on shoes and sandals. It also features an anti-rotation bar to control hip and leg rotation. Whether you need a one-size-fits-all solution for your foot or an adjustable brace, the Dorsi-Strap can help.

Feature 4

This device is wireless and uses a Bluetooth linkage to send data to a PC. The system uses an eight-bit pulse-width modulated signal to adjust the damping current based on gait phases. It has four states of damping: free, locked, and moderate.